pain au chocolat


I love to try new recipes, especially something that is notoriously difficult like croissants.  So last week when I was planning for a glorious Sunday of wedding planning I asked my friend what tasty delicacy she wanted with the mimosas.  How about croissants she asked?  Sure, sounds perfect I thought.  Then I looked at the recipe, which includes three separate rises and three “turns”, and I couldn’t help but think that this dough is one precious pastry.  The dough is precious indeed but if you have the time I highly recommend giving it a try.  The directions weren’t overly complicated just very specific.  (Perfect for a baker who loves precision.)  

{The starters: foamy yeast mixture, milk mixture, and flour.}

{The recipe calls for European style butter, which has more butterfat than other butters.}

{After the second turn.}

{After the third turn.  Almost done!}


{Voilà!  They turned out perfectly buttery and flaky.  Delicious!}

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  • michael

    They are gorgeous, and I’m sure taste even better. Thanks for sharing.