bare legs and cozy arms

The weather has been très blissful here lately.  It is in that perfect in between stage: It is warm (enough to get a sunburn…oops) yet is not blistering hot and humid forcing one to spend the weekend as a recluse locked indoors, standing in front of the AC, gazing at the blurry horizon.  This level of hotness usually entails baring all sorts of skin and I am quite self-conscious when showing off numerous extremities.  I love being able to wear a long-sleeved shirt to offset a short skirt (or shorts as was the choice of my beautiful pal) and sandals on the bottom without risking heat exhaustion.

{On Alix: Denim shirt and printed shorts both from J.Crew.  Isn’t she chic?}

{Showing off a fresh pedicure with Chanel Distraction and très old sandals, circa 2003, from Banana Republic.}

{Old Town Alexandria is filled with adorably quaint storefronts.  Who wouldn’t want to shop in this store?}

{Skirt, shirt, and belt all from J.Crew and kate spade sunnies.}

{A charming wine glass fit for an Irish pub.}

  • recipeforabeautifullife

    I have that skirt in yellow and absolutely adore it! I agree, I like the balance of some skin and some cover!

    • Lesleigh

      Oh I loved the skirt in yellow, too! It was hard to decide.

  • p0cahontas

    I love old town, so fun! You have to try alexandria cupcake, its right on the main drag. Best cupcake place I’ve found in the area yet!

  • Erin

    Such a cute little wine glass!

  • Loraine

    Beautiful photos! Do you mind sharing which Louis Vuitton bag that is? I’m in the market for one- thanks!