weekend whats

Happy Friday, loves! If you live in Baltimore, the excitement for the Super Bowl this weekend is not only in the air, it’s in your face. My workplace goes pretty bananas for a regular season game so I can’t even imagine what work will be like. Purple hair clips, painted faces, purple mohawks, and jerseys are all considered completely legitimate these days. I won’t be rocking my purple garb but I will take advantage of the free food. Do you have fun plans to watch the game? Are you making tasty treats? Although I am not hosting a Super Bowl soirĂ©e, I have been perusing recipes perfect for watching the game. So in honor of this weekend’s event, today’s weekend whats are a few of the tastiest looking Super Bowl-watching delicacies. Enjoy!

mini mac and cheese{Mini French onion mac and cheese bites}

buffalo chicken bites{Buffalo chicken bites}

the-ultimate-whoopie-pies{Chocolate and caramel football whoopie pies}

salmon Sockeye sliders{Sockeye salmon sliders}

chocolate dipped coconut macaroons{Chocolate and coconut macaroons}

Skinny-Guacamole-Layered-Dip-001-522x800{Individual layered guacamole dip}

mocha-toffee-coffee-iceddelight-milk[1]{Toffee mocha mini milkshakes}

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    the mini milkshake looks so good!!!!!!!