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hedgehog measuring cups{Adore: Hedgehog measuring cups, courtesy of my husband for Valentine’s Day}

Happy Friday, dears! I’d like to thank each and every one of your for reading pearls on a string. Lately there’s been more and more visitors and friends, and I am so grateful. You may have noticed that my Thursday posts have been lacking. For the time being, I am going to cut down to just four posts per week. My life balance was getting a little out of whack and with work + blogging + life’s fun surprises I was beginning to feel a little overwhelmed. So, I am taking a step back to enjoy what I do and avoid burnout. I can definitely see how some gals make blogging their full-time career, it can be très time-consuming! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend that includes some life balance for you as well, whether it’s learning to slow down or speed up.

the following{Watch: Nathan and I are now completely obsessed with The Following.}

bright lips{Wear: Bright lips + all white}

feather ring{Shop: The new jewelry collection at J.Crew. On my list? This lovely feather ring (only $45!).}

pink rainbow cake {Bake: An ombré cake}

  • http://dcfunemployment.wordpress.com shmorgan85

    totally loving the hedgehogs!!! and that feather ring is tots cute!!

  • http://www.thepinkelephantblog.com emily

    just stumbled upon your blog through capfabb :) i love it. and those hedgehog measuring cups are on my wish list! new follower, cant wait to get to know you better :) xo

  • Sarah

    I love those measuring cups! I saw them in Anthro and might have to go back for them :) Also would love a slice of cake right about now!! xx

  • http://www.mamachulo.com Erin Hawkins

    That cake looks amazing and I agree j crew has the cutest jewelry! I just got a great necklace on sale there!